Keri Hilson and Asher Roth duet!!

15 04 2009

Ok I think I’m a bit late posting this up, but I’m a big supporter of Keri Hilson, I felt her album so much and I got it imported from the U.S. and haven’t stopped playing it since… Anyways..Keri’s label mate Asher Roth who I think is pretty much a one hit wonder (“I Love College” was big still) is releasing his album “Asleep In the Bread Isle” on April 20th and it features a duet with Ms Hilson titled “She Don’t Wanna Man”.

The track is really not too good, if Keri weren’t on it, it would be a pile of shit to be honest lol!! His dreary voice really does put you to sleep and the lyrics are just not up to scratch in my opinion…

But hey, give it a listen for yourself, you may just like this…

Asher Roth and Keri Hilson: She Don’t Wanna Man [Listen/DL]

What are you thinking? Hit or miss…




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