Lumidee to launch her own Lipgloss Range

16 04 2009

She’s the Queen Of Spanish Harlem aka Lumidee…but where the fuck is she? Anyone who know’s me, knows I got mad love for Lumidee, although her voice is off makes the tracks interesting. For those who don’t know or have forgotten who she is, she had a hit in 2003 with “Never Leave You (Uh Ohh)” (check below), released two album’s and has sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide. She was signed to TVT Records, but from the looks of things that aint the case now…

Well I can tell you, Lumidee recently had a baby and is set to make her own lipgloss..She’s also working on the follow up to her second album “Unexpected”. Check out her team below talking about where and what else Lumidee is up to.

Well whatever she does, I’m excited…what do think of Lumidee and are you excited for the comeback album?




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