Record label in heat with Alesha Dixon…

1 06 2009

R&B singer Alesha Dixon is apperently mad at her label Asylum Records. After the company signed her last year with a 3 album deal, Alesha made it pretty clear she wanted to call the shots as previous label Poldor had messed her around so much. She wanted full control over single releases, release dates and album & single artwork. Whilst Alesha decided on her first two releases, The Boy Does Nothing and Breathe Slow both charted very well inside the top 10, Asylum didn’t want to chance Alesha’s third single, whilst she wanted Hand It Over the label decided on Let’s Get Excited. As it happens the label’s decision ended with the track bombing reaching at a low 12. Now sources very close to Alesha are saying she is real real mad giving one of the main label bosses at Asylum a screaming phone call refusing to record any other music video apart from Hand It Over and warning them she will walk from the deal.

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn, to be honest I think Alesha is right on this issue, Let’s Get Excited was shit and this was proven by the chart position. She had lots of promo so it should have done better…

Also click here for a new Alesha track titled “Before the sun goes down”

What do you guys think of the issue and also the new track, hit or miss?




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