Sugababes sign to Roc-A-Fella and begin work on their next album!!

30 04 2009

My favourite girl group ever have been signed in the U.S. by Jay-Z’s label Roc-a-fella!! Big tings!! Anyways according to their official facebook page they are working with big boy producers!…

“The Sugababes have only just got to LA but already they have thrown themselves into the job of making a brand new hit album. First stop on the album journey is with UBER Producer RedOne who has produced hits for the likes of Akon, Lady Gaga, Brandy, Enrique Iglesias and Ciara. According to the Babes the meet with RedOne was brilliant and they will be laying down vocals on two smash tracks today….HERE COME THE GIRLS !!”

All I can say is i’m excited and know that they will break the U.S.!!


Ok…what the actual fcuk?

30 04 2009

All I’m saying is…she can kinda rock it when its down…but damn Cassie…either stick a hat on, get your weave on, wear your hair down all the time, or cut the other side off…this look is NOT working. Someone send a hair stylist least Britney did it the right way…

What’s your thoughts? Mine being a loud YUK!!!

Jamelia gets stopped by security!! lmao

26 04 2009

Now, I’m late with this story, but am posting it because although I like Jamelia’s music, this story is so funny.

Jamelia attended The Princes Trust ceremony earlier this month in London, but when in front of photographers, she seemed to stand there too long and was asked kindly to “move on”. LOL!!

Check the full story by clicking here

To be honest though, she hasn’t exactly done much…what did she expect??

Lindsay Lohan opens up about her life…finally

25 04 2009

Check below in her first interview in two years….

What you think

Unknown Jon Mcclure has told worldwide star Leona Lewis “to get a grip”

25 04 2009

This shit in one breathe makes me laugh, but in another gets me annoyed. Unknown Reverend And The Makers singer Jon McClure has told Leona Lewis “to get a grip…She became famous from one of money-grabbing SIMON COWELL’S talent shows…Why didn’t she just put in hard work like most people do? There is much more satisfaction from that”

This idiot needs to shut his mout…who the fuck is he??? She has sold millions all around the world and anyone else with the chance to work alongside Simon Cowell and have the chance she did would do the same. I think someones jelous…and it aint Leona Lewis

Check the full article here

How funny…

Kelly Osbourne: No coke diet

25 04 2009

Although I like Kelly Osbourne….I think shes a hyprocrite when she says that she refuses to take coke to lose weight…she’s admitted to being on coke before why is she so superior now she ain’t on it… It annoy’s me because she’s highlighting the fact that cocaine burns calories lol…teenagers look up to bitches like her…just keep your mouth shut Kelly Osbourne…

Anyways the article is here to view..

What do you think about Kelly Osbourne…??

Christina Milian’s track Zipper in full!! Pow

25 04 2009

Okay..well the full version of “Zipper” by Ms Christina Milian has leaked, and lemme just say its hot fucking shit!!! It’s from her upcoming album “Elope” and it’s a big boy tune…

[Listen/Download Zipper-Christina Milian]

What you think of the new Christina Milian track? Let me know in the comments…

Stush x