FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2009 Results…

23 04 2009

Okay, Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole?…She’s pretty and can sing ok, but number 1 sexiest woman of 2009? No, I’m sorry but she don’t deserve it. She too damn fuckin skinny and has a bad ass attitude. Who did I want to win….Britney and people may wonder why, because yeh she’s had some years where she’s looked shit but she’s not a skinny rat, she has curves all in the right places and when she looks nice she looks fucking nice..Looking at the list below I’m surprised to see people like Nicola Roberts (also in Girls Aloud), Danni Minogue, Katy Perry and even Billie Piper. I mean by no means am I saying those girls are nasty, but seriously there are nicer looking. Where was Lisa Maffia, the girls from Sugababes, Kelly Rowland and Cassie Ventura… Well anyways, I’m glad Brit reached number 4, she deserves that place. Well anyways, the list is below….

1: Cheryl Cole
2: Megan Fox
3: Jessica Alba
4: Britney Spears
5: Keeley Hazell
6: Adriana Lima
7: Elisha Cuthbert
8: Kristin Kreuk
9: Anna Friel
10: Freida Pinto
11: Ana Ivanovic
12: Abbey Clancey
13: Scarlett Johansson
14: Angelina Jolie
15: Kate Beckinsale
16: Summer Glau
17: Frankie Sandford
18: Marisa Tomei
19: Thandie Newton
20: Zoe Salmon
21: Natalie Portman
22: Olga Kurylenko
23: Katy Perry
24: Jennifer Aniston
25: Ali Larter
26: Jessica Biel
27: Hayden Panettiere
28: Eliza Dushku
29: Eva Mendes
30: Louisa Lytton
31: Amber Heard
32: Gemma Arterton
33: Diora Baird
34: Konnie Huq
35: Doutzen Kroes
36: Keira Knightley
37: Kimberley Walsh
38: Jennifer Metcalfe
39: Sarah Michelle Gellar
40: Carla Bruni
41: Eva Longoria
42: Marissa Miller
43: Rihanna
44: Rachel Stevens
45: Maria Sharapova
46: Jessica Jane Clement
47: Emma Watson
48: Kelly Brook
49: Holly Valance
50: Alessandra Ambosio
51: Katie Melua
52: Georgie Thompson
53: Charlize Theron
54: Amii Grove
55: Isabel Lucas
56: Miranda Kerr
57: Nadine Coyle
58: Nicola Roberts
59: Beyonce Knowles
60: Nicole Scherzinger
61: Alexa Chung
62: Alesha Dixon
63: Jessica Simpson
64: Madeline Zima
65: Christina Aguilera
66: Jennifer Garner
67: Vanessa Hudgens
68: Odette Yustman
69: Malin Akerman
70: Heidi Klum
71: Hilary Duff
72: Kristen Bell
73: Emily Blunt
74: Holly Willoughby
75: Kate Moss
76: Taylor Swift
77: Christina Hendricks
78: Emma Willis
79: Katherione Jenkins
80: Emily Scott
81: Gemma Atkinson
82: Katherine Heigl
83: Michelle Ryan
84: Victoria Pendleton
85: Carmen Electra
86: Elizabeth Banks
87: Sarah Harding
88: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
89: Lily Allen
90: Lisa Snowdon
91: Christine Bleakley
92: Billie Piper
93: Ellen Page
94: Evangeline Lilly
95: Rachel Riley
96: Gemma Bissix
97: Dannii Minogue
98: Fiona Bruce
99: Lindsay Lohan
100: Mischa Barton

Who do you think deserved their places? And who was missed out that you wanted featured???


Britney Spears has drama with new single…

12 01 2009

Do they ever give old Brit a rest? I swear, people were moaning months ago she wasn’t making enough effort with music (personally I liked everything that was Blackout) she returns with another big album and gets all creative on our ass’s with the new track If You Seek Amy, and people still have to moan…check out the MTV article below…

“Profanity in pop songs is old news. Hell, the chorus to Christina Aguilera’s recent single, “Keeps Gettin’ Better,” kicks off with the phrase, “Some days I’m a super bi—.” That one is easy enough for radio stations to edit out in order to avoid any fines from the FCC or threats to yank their licenses.

But what will they do with a new single from a major artist that doesn’t actually contain a four-letter word, but rather spells it out in a not-so-subtle way? That dilemma is beginning to dawn on top-40 radio programmers across the country as the third single from album, “If U Seek Amy, starts to make its way to the airwaves.

The cheeky title (try saying it fast) joins the tradition of album titles like Van Halen’s 1991 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. The chorus doesn’t even try to make grammatical sense of the phrase: “But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.”

The spelled-out profanity puts the song into a legal gray area for radio stations.

“It’s OK to put in on an album, have fun with it, but we’re publicly owned, you know?” said Patti Marshall, program director at Cincinnati’s Q102, a pop station in a decidedly conservative Midwestern market. “We have a responsibility to the public … you put this … out and act like we’re all fuddy-duddies, like we’re trying to make moral judgments. It’s not about us. It’s about the mom in the minivan with her 8-year-old.”

Like several programmers we talked to, Marshall said she had not yet been told that “Amy” was the next single from Circus. She’s still busy playing the album’s title track, which was recently released as the second single. Asked if she would play “Amy” if it came to her as a single, Marshall said likely wouldn’t. She likened its chorus (which she has not heard) to “a little boy in sixth grade doing arm farts.”

A spokesperson for the Federal Communications Commission did not return calls for comment, and Spears’ label confirmed the choice of the single but would not comment on its content or any potential issues at radio.

Sharon Dastur, program director at Z100 in New York, also had not yet heard the song and said she’s not sure what the station’s plans are for it. She compared its possible problems to those faced by her station in 2005 upon the release of the Black Eyed Peas single “Don’t Phunk With My Heart.”

“Listeners thought it was the other word, and so we had to change it to ‘mess,’ ” she said. That example was also the first that popped to mind for KIIS FM Los Angeles program director John Ivey, who said he knew he couldn’t play the Peas’ song as originally recorded but felt that censoring it would make it sound more nefarious, so he asked the group’s label for a new version.

“It’s a potential issue for every station,” Ivey said of the Spears single. “I’m certain that I would run it by my legal department first. My first job is to protect [the station’s] license. … It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Asked if he would recut the song to edit out the naughty bits, Ivey said he probably wouldn’t because he felt the phrase was included in the song to provoke, so an alteration would change its intention. “[Spears’ label, Jive,] might also be just floating it out there to see if they can stir things up a bit.”

Why they have to go overboard with shit like this? The track is fun, sounds great on the stereo, wouldn’t the general public want their kids to hear If You Seek Amy, than the n word, or even them size 0 chicks like Nicole Ritchie?

Anyways below is the FULL uncensored version of the track, which I think all you mofos should be buying at once on itunes:


Give it a listen, and give your opinion on this matter…