HOT SHIT ALERT!!! Electrik Red: How To Be A Lady…

20 05 2009

This groups shit is about to pop off!!! lol..nah for real, here I present hip hop/rnb group Electrik Red…their album is too good…I don’t normally post up albums, but this album is so good its unreal..They are pure real!! Imagine Kelis mixed with Keri Hilson mixed with Missy Elliot and you get Electrik Red.

Listen to the album by clicking here

What you think of the album…make sure you buy a physical copy as it includes some nice artwork aswell 😉


Keri Hilson:Since U Been Gone (Official Video)

1 05 2009

Well its not that new, but I love this version of the Kelly Clarkon track “Since U Been Gone”.  I really do think Keri should record a full version and stick it as a bonus track on the album or even a b-side to one of her releases… Anyways check the video out:

Download/Listen: Since U Been Gone-Keri Hilson (Produced by Timbaland)

New Keri Hilson! – Simple (feat. Ron Browz and Juelz Santana)

17 04 2009

Wowwwwww!!! Does Keri Hilson ever sleep?? Here is a new track titled “Simple” featuring Ron Browz and Juelz Santana. Not the best track in the world, but still Keri makes the track, without her it would be shit. Just being honest.

Hit or Miss…Let me know in the comments…Stushy x

Keri Hilson and Asher Roth duet!!

15 04 2009

Ok I think I’m a bit late posting this up, but I’m a big supporter of Keri Hilson, I felt her album so much and I got it imported from the U.S. and haven’t stopped playing it since… Anyways..Keri’s label mate Asher Roth who I think is pretty much a one hit wonder (“I Love College” was big still) is releasing his album “Asleep In the Bread Isle” on April 20th and it features a duet with Ms Hilson titled “She Don’t Wanna Man”.

The track is really not too good, if Keri weren’t on it, it would be a pile of shit to be honest lol!! His dreary voice really does put you to sleep and the lyrics are just not up to scratch in my opinion…

But hey, give it a listen for yourself, you may just like this…

Asher Roth and Keri Hilson: She Don’t Wanna Man [Listen/DL]

What are you thinking? Hit or miss…