Lumidee to launch her own Lipgloss Range

16 04 2009

She’s the Queen Of Spanish Harlem aka Lumidee…but where the fuck is she? Anyone who know’s me, knows I got mad love for Lumidee, although her voice is off makes the tracks interesting. For those who don’t know or have forgotten who she is, she had a hit in 2003 with “Never Leave You (Uh Ohh)” (check below), released two album’s and has sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide. She was signed to TVT Records, but from the looks of things that aint the case now…

Well I can tell you, Lumidee recently had a baby and is set to make her own lipgloss..She’s also working on the follow up to her second album “Unexpected”. Check out her team below talking about where and what else Lumidee is up to.

Well whatever she does, I’m excited…what do think of Lumidee and are you excited for the comeback album?


Ms.Dynamite’s comeback on ITV show “Hell’s Kitchen” and 1st single news!!

14 04 2009

Ok, well apologizes for the lack of blog posts, I’ve had nuff college work to do, that comes first-standard! But yeh, back to the post…

Remember Ms.Dynamite? Ok if you don’t remember her then you have been living under a rock the past decade lol. Well, for those that don’t know she is a UK platinum selling artist who was signed to major label Polydor Records in 2002. Her first album “A Little Deeper” sold over 300,000 copies in the U.K. and spawned three top 20 hits including “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee”, “It Take’s More” and “Put Him Out”, it was a big album trust me (check below for my favourite track from the album)..she then left the scene after becoming pregnant and cameback in 2006 with some shit second album titled “Judgement Days”. Now trust me, I am a massive Dynamite fan, I even bought the second album to try and get her in the top 10, but regardless it was shit and therefore flopped. I think that was the main reason why she left or was dropped by Polydor, in my opinion they should not have let her release it or vice versa especially when the market was full of boring arse indie bands….

However, after hearing buzz track “Bad Gyal” in Decemeber, my faith and support is totally back into Dynamite and I am totally buzzed for her return later this year. She is appearing on ITV1’s reality show “Hell’s Kitchen”. I think this is a smart move for Dynamite as it will get her the promotion and fan support she lacked for the second album.

After checking her newly re-launched website, 1st Single has been confirmed and is titled “Catch Me If You Can” and is set for release on June 1st. I cannot wait!!!! What do you think?

Click here to listen to It Take’s More


12 01 2009

Ok, I have to say how proud I am of N-Dubz. They recently went platinum with their album Uncle B!! I think its great how they rep the UK and are keeping it street but also commercial. The album has about 5 of their big hits including I Swear, Ouch and the new track Strong Again (which I’m reviewing below) and I am not surprised they have hit the big time!

Anyways, they are releasing Strong Again and to be honest when I first heard it, I wasn’t feeling it at first, but after 5 plays, I am addicted to this track! Go cop it on itunes at once:

or even better cop the album, it’s out everywhere!!

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!!  Hit Or Miss?

Also check the behind the scenes of the Strong Again video shoot…